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Diploma in Office Management

Diploma in Office Management

"Diploma in Office Management equips students with skills in administrative tasks, organization, communication, and office software applications."

Diploma in Hospital Administration

"Diploma in Hospital Administration prepares professionals for managing healthcare facilities, covering areas like finance, operations, and planning.

PLTP CA Course

The PLTP CA course offers comprehensive training in accountancy and finance, preparing students for the Chartered Accountancy profession.
CPA Course (1)

CPA Course

A comprehensive program teaching accounting principles and practices, preparing individuals for the Certified Public Accountant examination.

BASAP Course

Teaching essential business skills through practical application, designed for rapid professional development and advancement."

DIIAS Course

"DIIAS Course offers comprehensive training in data intelligence, analytics, and strategy, empowering professionals with advanced skills and knowledge."
HASAP Course edappal

HASAP Course

The HASAP course, an acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, teaches food safety management to ensure quality and mitigate risks.
CIA-US Course edappal

CIA-US Course

"CIA-US Course: Intensive training program designed to equip individuals with skills essential for roles within the Central Intelligence Agency."
DHRM Course edappal

DHRM Course

"DHRM Course: Dive into the dynamic world of Human Resource Management with this comprehensive and practical training program."
SEAIA-US Course edappal


"SEAIA-US Course: Dive into sustainable energy innovation, policies, and practices for a brighter, greener future. Learn, engage, and empower!"
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